About the Visitor Center

Discover the magic of the agricultural mitzvos at the Eretz Chemda Visitor Center, Israel's most advanced and innovative site, devoted to spreading the knowledge of Eretz Yisrael and its mitzvos.
The Digital Learning Rooms at the Visitor Center takes visitors on an interactive, multisensory learning journey. We invite you to visit us and get to know the Mitzvos HaTeluyos BaAretz in a captivating and truly meaningful way. A visit to the Center is a thrilling experience that makes learning the laws fun and exciting.
In addition to the indoor wings, the Center features a beautiful Educational Garden artistically designed in the shape of Eretz Yisrael, including Lake Kinneret and the Dead Sea. In the Educational Garden, the visitor is equipped with headphones that guide him along the grounds and teach him Orlah and Kilayim-related topics.

Digital Learning Rooms

The Walder Terumot and Ma’asros wing
Interactive Game-

An interactive game using smart tables equipped with touch screens teaches a range of topics relevant to the agricultural mitzvos

B'shvil Yisrael -
Educational Garden

Independent tour of the school garden. For those who are interested, you can receive guidance using personal headphones

All About Borders
A Dazzling Audio-Visual Presentation

A dazzling presentation about the borders of kedushas Eretz Yisrael that obligate one in Mitzvos HaTeluyos BaAretz

Virtual Visit to -
Mazkeret Batya

A historical drama about the challenges of shemitah 130 years ago and the lessons for our generation

-Five on the Farm
Virtual Reality Headset

The five categories of agricultural labor forbidden by the Torah during shemitah are brought to life

-Hafrashas Challah
Interactive Game Tables

Learn about the mitzvah of challah through a competitive game played at interactive game tables


All year round

Duration of activity

Minimum 2 hours


Age 8 and up

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