I just purchased a mature tree with fruit. I’m going to begin counting orlah anew once I plant it, but Iו want to know whether I can benefit from the beauty of the fruit during the first three years, or does the prohibition of orlah include benefiting from the fruit’s beauty as well

The prohibition of orlah includes any benefit derived from the fruit, be it in the usual manner (consuming it) or otherwise. This includes looking at orlah fruits and deriving pleasure from viewing ornamental fruit trees, such as dwarf trees. There is a machlokes among poskim regarding fruit trees whose main purpose is to eat the fruit, not to enjoy its beauty.  It’s best to follow the more stringent opinion of those who hold it’s forbidden to derive benefit from the fruit’s beauty, and to remove (and discard) the fruits once they start growing.[1]


[1]Mishpetei Aretz, § Orlah, 10:7, footnotes 25-27